Expert guide to get success in blogging 2023

Are you writer? Or want to generated another passive income? or Want to become full time blogger? But you don’t have proper guidence how to jump in blogging and become successful blogger.

Then Stay with me

In this article I am going to cover each possible area related to blogging which will help you to understand blogging. And I will also guide you how you can start your blogging career from beginner and you can make thousands of dollars by your profitable blog.

But before directly moving to the learning, I want some commitment from you because blogging is not easy if you are very new. It is true when your blog starts ranking and gets some authority after that it will become your asset or full-time income source. But in the initial, you need some effort.

To succeed in a blogging career, you required some commitment, hard work, and interest.

If your only motive is to earn money from blogging then it may happen as if you don’t get a single amount in the first 1-2 months, then you may leave it.

If I tell you about my journey, My first-year income was only $10.

But now I am making 10X and more from blogging. As I have already mentioned before, You have to keep patience, stay motivated, regularly post, share content, etc.

Now I am going to explain each touchpoint which you should prepare before starting your blogging career.

Some small amount of money

how to get success in blogging

In today’s world, If I say you can start blogging by investing

zero rupees, then I am making fool to you. If you want to start blogging at free cost, you can go for Blogspot provided by Google, or also you can go for or or
These all are free CMS.

But when you go for this free CMS, then your domain name looks like or like that.

And this is considered as a low authority domain. And if I talk about in the perspective of SEO, then this type of website is known as web 2.0. Also, such type of domain name has a large length that may be difficult to remember for your readers. Search engines gives less priority on such type of domain name. It give more priority to short SEO friendly and custom URLs.

If You are serious about your blogging journey as a full-time blogger or part-time blogger, no matters.
But your ultimate goal is to rank on search engines and gain traffic and earn authority. Then I personally recommend you, you should go with some custom domain and paid hosting.

Because In the custom domain, you can choose your next blog name as per your interest. And also, user’s perspective it is easy to remember.

In paid hosting, when you install WordPress, then you have many options like selection of themes, plugins, and customization options, which can make your blog more attractive.

And also support provided by the hosting company. If you got stuck somewhere or you are facing some technical issues with your domain and hosting. Then support team will help you to solve your problems.


I have shared some good sources from where you can purchase a domain and hosting service.

Your niche and keywords

how to get success in blogging

Selection of a good niche and keywords is also a very important part of succeeding in a blogging career.
After the selection of niche and keywords, you have to set up your complete website on it. And also, you have to prepare content and then do its promotions.

But think what if you have selected the wrong niche and keywords?

Your all further efforts will be destroyed like your investment, your content development efforts, your website setup efforts, and your time, etc.

I can feel this loss because I have already made such type of losses in the initial days.

Here the wrong niche and keywords mean like in starting, you have selected too much big competitive niche like health, finance Etc. Many authority websites are there which is ranking on google. And also, they are too much powerful in the sense of content, SEO, and backlinks.

One more thing you can do wrong and that is selected niche trends are now decreasing. It means people are taking less about it. And it may be like after a couple of years, people completely forgot about that niche.

For example, radio, keypad phone, window 7 etc. such type of topics.

You can check its trend on Google trends.

Google Trend is a free tool that is provided by Google to analyze search trends.

Can go for Micro niche

how to get success in blogging

This is also a very good option for new blogger and for those whose interested niche is competitive.

That option is called Micro Niche.

For example, if I talk about the Home and Garden niche, which is too
much competitive. And you want to set up your next profitable blog on that niche, then don’t worry.
You can look for micro-niche first under the Home and Garden niche.

Like cleaning, painting, indoor stuff. For example I want to select cleaning. You will see in this cleaning niche there are many other sub-topics, like a vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner, etc. You can consider it as micro niche.


I am selecting steam cleaner as my first micro-niche. Now I will do keyword research in this micro-niche.

After research, I have found some good keywords after research that is “best steam cleaner in 2020“, Best steam cleaner review 2020,” etc.

Here I will target to rank my blog in these keywords. Once I will
start ranking on these keywords, after that I will go for another sub-topic like a vacuum cleaner.

This will be our strategy to fight with a competitive market and niche.

Content development with intent

how to get success in blogging

Content is not king, But quality, unique, and engaging content is a king that follow keyword intent.
On your blog, content works as your blog asset.

Suppose you are targeting a micro-niche and low competitive keyword. And due to a good selection of it and some with basic SEO, you are started ranking on a search engine.
Now it is 100% true if you will rank peoples will click on blog URL and land on your post.

But what if your blog is not too much Informative and engaging.
Along with information, you should also engage your readers. All these things are only possible if your content is informative and engaging.

Now here I have taken the name “Intent.”

So what is keyword Intent?

If I talk about the SEO of 2010-12, websites gets better ranking by just stuffing keywords with some basic SEO.

But in 2020, ranking factor has changed a lot and also search engines now become very smarter than our thinking. Keyword stuffing is completely dead.

So the question is, what is working then?

Now search engines consider every query as a question and sometimes also query.

Like if someone is searching “best steam cleaner review 2020”. You can also give a try. Just type this keyword on google and analyze the top 10 results.

You will find that the ranking on this keyword may have this particular keyword somewhere in the post.
But there is also a possible site that is ranking on this keyword and may not contain these keywords anywhere in the post.

So It is clear that either you have included the keyword in your content or not. If your content is satisfying what the user is looking for, your blog will rank.

So Focus on quality content that covers each possible angle that can be included in a post that you are writing for a particular query.

If you want to make unique, and attractive content. Just search your keyword on google and open each website that is ranking on google.

Now take a complete note of what is unique on each site and which website is missing something covered by other websites.

Also, consider the word count of each post that is ranking on google.

After doing this, you will have complete insight and ideas about your content preparation.

Below I am mentioning some points that you can consider.

  • Word count
  • Heading and Sub
  • Heading combination
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Content structure

And one more important thing is to try to publish your content at a particular scheduled time. If you want to publish a post every week, then fix a day of the week and time. Suppose on Sunday at 8 PM. Now publish your every post on Sunday at 8 PM. And after doing this 2-3 times, you will see your site will be indexed very fast.

Doing this will send a signal to the search engine crawler to crawl and index your site at this particular time.

Share Share Share

how to get success in blogging

After publishing your blog, try to share it in different niche-related groups on social media. Please avoid sharing in those group which is not relevant to your niche.
Because if you share your post in an irrelevant group, your site will get a click, no doubt, but as a result
it will increase the bounce rate that will harm your website ranking.

Consider yourself for a while like you are a member of some health niche group means it shows that you are interested in the health niche. Now, if someone is sharing SEO related article, then it may happen you will click on that link, but you will very soon click back and leave this website. If I consider 1%, then it may happen someone who takes an interest in health also take an interest in SEO, But in 99%, it is not.

Also, don’t hesitate to share the content. Prepare your content like you are satisfied with it.

Suppose you have published one content like “how to do micro-niche research.” And for the same purpose, instead of following your own content, you are taking help from other site content. So can you expect people will stay on your post? The answer is no

so, please prepare knowledgeable content with rich information and share it in the relevant group and with relevant peoples.

Guest posting and public profiling

how to get success in blogging

Now, this is the part where your site authority builds. This is also known as link building.

Please stay away from the link seller, who is giving 5000 backlinks for $5. In link building, please don’t go for link count only. A single good, relevant, and powerful backlink is much more than your 100 bad backlinks.

Try to build it genuinely and manually. You can make a comment backlink for free. Also, you can build a backlink by guest posting. You can approach the site owner and tell them like you have good original content.

And you want to publish on their site. In most cases, they allow you to publish.

You can also build profile backlinks on high authority websites like Reddit, Tumblr, stack overflow, quora, medium, etc.


how to get success in blogging

In the last most important thing is patience. Blogging needs patience.

Sometimes you may get results in a couple of months, like 2-3 months, but sometimes it may take much more time. But one thing keeps in mind once your site started ranking, you can earn as you have never imagined about it.

So keep patience and stay motivated by following me on my Instagram and also other bloggers.

From there, you will get the latest updates and blogging knowledge.

And if you have any query just do comment. I will try to help you