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Who is Prakash Kumar?

Are you seeking to hire the best SEO service in India or the best SEO Freelancer? Who can rank your website to the first web page or at a prominent position on Google search results?

If yes, then Prakash Kumar is one of the best SEO specialists in India. He has more than 5 years of experience in SEO. He is also expertise in technical SEO, WordPress SEO optimization as well as other programming language-developed websites. Prakash Kumar is one of the quickest-rising freelance organic SEO specialists in India. He has intensive expertise of over a hundred Search engine ranking factors.

Prakash Kumar is an SEO specialist in India who caters simply to his client’s requirements, at the identical time keeping pace with the dynamic Search advertising and marketing trends. Differentiated via the big seasoned experience, information base, ethical practices, and devoutness to client satisfaction. Whatever your Local Search marketing wants may also be, permit an SEO specialist in India to work with you and guaranteed SEO marketing success, which includes a large ROI. As a top search engine marketing representative in India, His foundation is firmly laid on 3 pillars – Quality, Low-price Solutions, and Worth For Money.

Why is Prakash Kumar the best SEO specialist in India?

Prakash Kumar knows very well what strategy should follow to rank on any search engine for the long term. According to Prakash, SEO strategy is not the same for all types of businesses. It changes according to the type of business. For e-commerce keywords, the research process, and content intent is different and for the blog, the process will be different.

After spending 5 years, he has too much knowledge about what will work and what won’t so that it can save lots of extra time and client’s money.
And He personally dies for quality work and client satisfaction. He is very calm, confident, and a good SEO professional and He follows only White Hat techniques which protect client’s businesses from search engine penalties.

He is a dedicated SEO specialist who will assist you to dominate your area of interest market by optimizing your internet site SEO according to current and standard Search engine ranking tips. Being a reputed Freelance search engine marketing Expert in India, He attempts hard to offer great viable organic SEO services to his clients. With 20+ satisfied customers throughout the globe and a client retention charge of 99%, He prides himself on one of the maximum large information for the successful delivery of Digital search engine optimization marketing offerings in India.

Area Of Expertise

Niche & Micro-Niche Research

Seed Kws & Keyword Research

Competitors Analysis

Content Development

On-Page SEO

Technical SEO

Link Building / Off-Page SEO


Web Development

Approach Of Work

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