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Who is Prakash Kumar?

Prakash Kumar is an Indian SEO specialist working as a freelancer. He has a more that 5 years of experience in SEO and he knows very well that what strategy should follow to rank on any search engines for long terms. According to Prakash, SEO strategy is not same for all type of businesses. It changes according to the type of business. For e-commerce keywords, research process, content intent is different and for blog process will be different. After spending of 5 years he has too much knowledge about what will work and what won’t so that it can save lots of the extra time and clients money.

And He personally die for quality works and client satisfaction. He is very clam, confident, and good SEO professional and He follows only White Hat techniques which protect clients business from search engine penalty.

Area Of Expertise

Niche & Micro-Niche Research

Seed Kws & Keyword Research

Competitors Analysis

Content Development

On-Page SEO

Technical SEO

Link Building / Off-Page SEO


Web Development

Approach Of Work

Prakash has very good hands-on in selecting niche and micro-niches for your business. He never chooses and decides randomly any niche, but he does lots of research on premium paid tools as well as does manual check on google and other search engines. Then he finally decides a niche and their micro-niches.

The difference between niche and micro-niche is niche may be any big market like electronics, fashions, like this.And micro-niche is any small targeted area like in electronics->trimmer->men’s trimmer like this.

So here he follows some strategy to rank on both micro-niche and niche so that his client gets considerable benefits at the same time with the same investment.

Seed keyword is a targeted keyword on which you want to rank. But always we should not target only the seed keywords.

Here also Prakash follows some unshared strategy to target seed keyword by targeting related keywords.

Suppose you want to rank on “best electric trimmer for men” then, this is your seed keyword, or you can say that any keyword that is low competitive with good volume compared to others related to the same post.

But what if someone is searching for “men’s best electric trimmer,” which is a related keyword.

Competitor’s analysis depends on when you should do it.

Anyways Prakash is an expert in it. Suppose if you are new and want to set up your business in a low, competitive market, then your first task should be niche, micro-niche selection, and competitors analysis.
But if you have already set up everything now, he will follow a different strategy for your website.

Here first, he will find all the weak sites related to your niche and then outrank them. Then we will go for a strong authority website.

Now, After the selection of niche, micro-niche, and keywords, now the most crucial part is content development.

Because your content is everything that will convert your readers into your customer and also the content is only things that will stay your readers on your website.

Also, content should be SEO optimized and intent oriented, which means your content should satisfy the keyword intent.

This is essential for your website to stand on search engines eyes.
In on-page, SEO Prakash will optimize your website and fix all on-page SEO error.

On-Page SEO includes title tag optimizing that will improve CTR, meta description optimization that should explain about your page in short. H1, H2…Hn Tag Optimization, Image Alt tag optimization, anchor tags, and many more.

And In Technical SEO, Prakash will check any SSL error, broken links, site speed, image size, and many more as per checklist it has.

Prakash has too much idea about link building.

He never builds random links, but he does the first analysis of competitors and then builds links after analysis. Also, it so checks over the website from where he will get a backlink for your website.

This means the referring site is spammy or not, How much traffic they have? How many backlinks that have and many more.

Now its your turn to rank and get targeted traffic

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