New Guidelines for Product Review Articles by Google

Here the new Guidelines for the product review articles given by the google. Google has rolled out several time its product review guidelines starting from 2021. Its first product review update was launched in April 2021, and then in December 2021, March 2022, July 2022, and September 2022 so on. Basically this guidelines are to promote high-quality and helpful product reviews in search results to the users. 

Below are some points that describes the new guidelines for product review articles:

  1. Always write any product review that should be detailed and informative. That should provide valuable insights to the buyers who is looking to buy new products.
  2. Reviews should not provide only the templated information, it should cover all the detailed along with your personal experiences, looks, feels and should be well researched.
  3. You can consider providing the details like why you have selected this product, what criteria you have measured. Also tell buyer, why they should or should not buy this product on your personal experience and uses.
  4. Reviews should be written in the language that a local and targeted audience can easily understand. Also keep your words simple and use short sentences.
  5. Reviews should focus on you(reviewer) and you should clearly mention what you have liked or disliked about the product and their own experience using it.
  6. Never include any inappropriate content, irrelevant content or personal information.
  7. Please clearly disclose about your product review unit. Either you(reviewer) received any product for free, Or you have bought itself for review or in exchange for writing the review.
  8. Being a reviewer, You should not be promote your own business or products by adding only positive review. You review should be unbiased.
  9. Please don’t include any third party information like shipping times, shipping costs etc.
  10. Reviews should not provide links to third-party sites. You can add affiliate link that is acceptable.

The above guidelines can help publishers to improve the visibility of their product reviews in Google search results and provide valuable information to the buyers.